Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Beautiful Day at The Garden of Morning Calm

After going to Petite France, we discovered brochures that advertised this really pretty Botanic Garden, so we planned to go there after a few weeks. I was hoping to see lotus blossoms, since this is their time of year, but what I got was even better. 
We got there around ten, so it wasn't too crowded, and there was still a nice morning mist before the sun came out completely. It was like walking in a folktale. There were many gazebos and scenic views from the pagodas and bridgewalks. 
As we were walking around, some of the places looked familiar, and sure enough, a sign in the first exhibit explained that my favorite Korean Drama, You're Beautiful was filmed here years ago. 
The first spot I noticed was the center of the garden, where ANJEL does their photo shoot in episode 12.

But, the first time this area actually shows up is episode 9, when ANJEL shoots Go Mi Nam's first music video. The chapel is really pretty, and you can even go inside!

But the area I was determined to visit was the greenhouse where Go Mi Nyu gets dressed up for a brief moment, and she's allowed to be who she is for awhile. It's one of my favorite scenes from the drama, and we finally found it at the end of the road.
My friend Gabriela even played the theme song to the drama on her phone, since no one was around, and we had a truly awesome Kdrama moment! 

It was such a pleasant surprise to visit another memorable location, by pure chance! The garden was beautiful and inspirational. Now if only I could see the Korean actors every so often . . . 

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