Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daewangam Rock

Daewangam Rock is one of the most well known places in Ulsan, due to the legend surrounding it. It began with King Mummu, the 30th king of the Silla Dynasty. King Mummu was able to unite the countries along Korea's pennisula in 668 AD. When he died, he wanted to become a dragon to protect Korea long after his reign. King Mummu was buried in the Eastern Sea to fulfill his wish, but his wife never forgot his wish. She was buried on this rock, to become a guardian dragon just like her husband. According to legend, the reason seaweed does not grow on this island, is because a guardian dragon lives here, protecting the island. 

Dae-wangnam Park is beautiful. The old pine trees tower above you as you walk along the path. A beautiful view of the cost, and a glimpse of the dragon rock can be seen near the Ulgi lighthouse.

We visited on the park on a misty and rainy day. The fog over the mountains and the cloudy sky added to the mystery surrounding Daewangnam Rock and inspired me to use this location in my Korean folklore story. (There is a dragon king in it) 
If you ever visit Ulsan, I recoomend seeing Daewangnam Park, and walking along Ilsan beach. At night, people light fireworks and shoot them across the sky. During the day there are some carnival games and snack vendors that line up around the shore. The park has a beautiful view of the ocean, the beach and the mysterious guardian dragon that may dwell under the island. 

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