Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Elvis Presley's Birthplace: Tupelo, Mississippi

Besides Graceland, there's another cool museum that features Elvis memoribilia. Elvis Presley's Birthplace musuem, house and chapel. 
This is a nice attraction with resonable prices. They even hold special events like weddings and parties in the area. 
The Elvis Presley Birthplace is located on Elvis Presley Drive which used to be called Hog Road. 
The Presley Family moved there in 1935, and Elvis Presley was born on January 8th of that year. 
Vernon Elvis Presley borrowed $180 to build this two room house. 
The house had a bedroom: 
and a kitchen/dining room.
This house has been preserved since Elvis donated proceeds from a concert in Tupelo in 1957 and started a park in the East Tupelo area. 
After Elvis's death, Tupelo formed the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation to preserve the area and have duplicates and actual items owned by the Presley family featured in their museum. The mueseum was created in 1992 with many items owned by Janelle McComb, a close friend of the Presleys. The area has expanded since then, and now they feature films, experiences and information about the Presley family. 
These include the fountain of life, built after Elvis died to celebrate his life. 
A statue of Elvis when he was thirteen, including one of his first guitars. 
Plaques have been added for contributors and donators. 
And one of Elvis's cars. 

All in all it was a really cool place to visit, and I'm glad I saw Elvis's birth place before I see Graceland. 
Inside the museum, no photos were allowed, but I read a note from Elvis that was adressed too his father. It was well written and very wise. 
He wrote about how grateful he was for his father's support, and how he remembered to appreciate all he had while following his vision. 
It was inspirational. 

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