Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Renaissance Festival in Tampa

Come one, come all to the Ren fair. Where we dress in fine gowns and eat like Kings and Queens. Or like Knigths and ladies. Gypsies and Fairies? 
Anyway it's a magical time with many sights and sounds.

My favorite part of the fair is the shopping market with tents that belong to different artists that traveled far and wide to be at the festival. One tent featured dragons! 
Dragons in books!

Steampunk dragons! 
And Steampunk hearts! 

With pretty journals! 

Including the Tardis!

This particular fair had a hippocamp swing! This reminded me of my story. 
I met Daenerys! 
And I conquered the throne of swords! 
Where my friend and I met Snow White, Ariel and Princess Leia ^_^
It was a lot of fun, and there were so many cool costumes! 
We even saw an Ent! 

All in all it was a fun trip! 

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