Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Peace of Mind

I found a really cool cafe online called Peace of Mind Book Cafe and Bakery, and my friend Rachel and I decided to check it out. 
It turns out this place isn't too far from where I live. So I found another nice haunt to spend time in while I write. 
When you walk in, you're immeadiately surrounded by books, and these books are in many different languages, but mostly Korean. There are so many cool props to accent the place. 
I found an old victrola, a boom box, some old typewriters, lots of dinnerware from around the world, and so many other cool gadgets and gizmos. 
The owner speaks perfect English, and he is very kind. 
The atmosphere of this place reminds me of The Tattered Cover. The only difference is the books aren't for sale.
I enjoyed my visit here, and I will definitely be back ^_^


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