Monday, February 2, 2015

Aqua Planet

So it's winter, which doesn't involve a lot of warm outside activities, but I really wanted to see an Aquarium. I asked one of my friends, who has lived here for over three years now, and she mentioned a fairly new Aquarium: Aqua Planet. 
Aqua Planet is in Ilsan, right next to the famous Singing Fountain, featured in many Korean Dramas, and it's about a 10 to 15 minute walk from Juyeop Station on Line 3 of the Seoul Subway. 
It's a fairly big aquarium with two main exhibits, the ocean and the amazon. 
Their mascot is a Walrus, because they have a Walrus!
They also had Penguins, Seals and Seas Lions!
Aside from salt water animals, they also had fresh water animals like Beavers: 
And River Otters :)
We went there around feeding time, so the animals were up and about, waiting for their food. 
We even saw the giant tank fish getting fed, which was quite a show! Two of the Manta rays kept hovering over the diver's head while he fed the smaller fish, and people were crowding the windows to watch the show. I waved to one of the divers who saw my camera and struck a pose ^_^

The Ocean tanks are usually my favorite part of the Aquarium. And there were quite a few cool tanks in this one. They had a tunnel for the moon jelly fish. 
And they had an octopus! 
There were so many other cool Ocean tanks:
I was amused by the upside down Jelly Tank:

But my favorite part of this Aquarium was the Amazon exhibit: 
They had Lemurs! 

And Jaguars!

They also had Capybaras!
And Parrots

All in all it was an awesome trip! And the Jaguars were my favorite. Aquariums are so relaxing, and this one reminded me of the Denver Aquarium I loved visiting in the states. I recommend this Aquarium on a day that you want to explore Ilsan, and it's not too far from Hongdae on the Subway line. 
It was a nice and clean building, and the workers were very nice. There's also a few fun activities for kids to do, like the starfish pool, and the Doctor fish ^_^ 

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