Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An accidental discovery

This weekend, I went exploring around Chuncheon with my friend Whitney. We did some hiking, and we found a really colorful school that looked like something straight out of Spirited Away. There were even windchimes, and the building was covered in detailed paintings. 
It was a Sunday, so the place was deserted, but we later found out it is a private Buddhist school with its own temple and Bell Tower. 

The temple faces the school, which has three stories. 

There were beautiful dragon carvings on the doors of the temple. 

The windows tell the story of Buddha. 

They are detailed works of art. 

The bell tower was a colorful landmark on the side of the hill. 
The ceiling was completely covered in detailed designs. 
This school was built around the hill, overlooking the city. 
The parking lot had a beautiful painting of lotus flowers. 

This was a beautiful place, and a definite story spark. As we walked around, I wondered what it would be like to go to school here, and what stories each building told. It was a neat discovery for a weekend trip. I'm glad we found it. 

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