Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Getaway


Last weekend I headed out on Friday night and started the long journey to Jinhae for the Cherry Blossom Festival. 
Cherry Blossoms are my favorite flower, and it was so exciting to see real Cherry trees, and watch the petals fall to the ground like snow. 
The bus ride there was fairly long (About 6 hours with 4 stops) but it was worth it. We watched the train go by at Jinhae station and ate some festival food. (I found a stand that made Nutella Crepes with strawberries, bananas, and Special K)

When the train came by, the police had to tell the people to get out of the way. I was surprised by how many people stood there with selfie sticks while the police men blew their whistles and tried to clear the way for the train. 

The walk down the track was a lovely trip down blossom lane. 
The best part was the petals falling softly as you walked through the area. 

 The weather was a little cloudy, but that made the blossoms stand out even more. 

After Jinhae Station, we headed to the bridge walk, which was a lovely sight, even in the rain. 

The entire bridge was covered in petals!
We found the perfect photo spot ^_^

We took a few more pictures in the rain, and found a cafe to wait in until the bus left again. 

We found a big Angel in us Coffee place and waited out the storm. 

 I hopped outside and took more pictures as night fell. 

Then the bus arrived, and we headed to our hotel in Busan. 

The next morning we had a beautiful view. 

Along the beach there were these cute rocks with different sea creatures on them. 

Busan had Cherry Blossoms too ^_^

We found an amazing Sushi place ^_^ It even had a tiger mascot. 

The food was so pretty :)

After Sushi, we headed back to the bus stop, and we grabed some Honey Ice Cream on the way. 
It was a great trip, and I'm determined to go back and see more of Busan ^_^

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