Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mosiac Steps

These steps are lovely. And they were created with the help of many people. 
The stairs are located at 16th and Moraga.
The first set that I found were created recently, and they were called Hidden Garden Steps.

This was a volunteer project in 2013. And it's an incredible work of art.
I took a lot of pictures :)

My favorite part was the butterfly ^_^
After walking a few more blocks, I found the staircase that I was looking for:

This was a longer, more elaborate staircase. 

The moon was my favorite part.

And the sun was at the top :)

After that I arrived at Moraga
Climbed these stairs . . .
Up this hill.
And I reached the top, where I could see almost all of San Francisco!
It was gorgeous!
And I felt accomplished for walking up almost 250 steps ^_^ 

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