Monday, June 1, 2015

The Palace of Fine Arts

This place is beautiful! And it's right across the street from where my friend works. 
The Palace of Fine Arts was only meant to be around for a year, but its popularity drives its presence today. 
The Palace of Fine Arts was produced by Bernard Maybeck in 1957. It was created to honor the Panama- Pacific exposition in honor of many forms of art. 

The building had a beautiful atmosphere. 

This place is not just a work of art, but a park that features many birds including

It's a beautiful park near a neighborhood: 

with so many flowers and trees
It was the perfect inspiration for my new story. Espcially the inside of the building: 

There were a few wedding photo shoots going on too :) 
And so many pretty views! 

Honestly I felt like I was in Fantasia :)
This place is truly a work of art, and it was nice to see! 

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