Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Legos at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo sure has grown since I last visited with my friends a year ago. Each area now has a theme connected to their animals, with many exciting pathways and activites for children. 
One of my favorite areas was the updated Elephant and Pachyderm exhibits that were inspired by the majestic and exotic atmosphere of India. They even had a bridge for the Elephants to cross over the walking path in the exhibit, and three buddhist prayer wheels at the main entrance of the big Elephant house. The exhibit also had a statue of the Hindu God Ganesh, and you could make a wish by balancing it on the statue. It was a really clever detail to the exhibit, and it made you feel like part of the world that the elephants lived in. 
When I went to the zoo, they had a special event where lego sculputures of different animals were placed in the park. It was a bit of a goose chase to find them all, and the fox sculpture captured the sly characteristic of the animal, as in it was almost impossible to find. But the sculputres were amazing, and each one had a small, infomative sign about the animal it portrayed. 
Some sculptures were made to honor the green foundation with a gardner, lawn mower and brid feeder with fake birds. 
All in all the Denver Zoo has upgraded its atmosphere while still preserving its fan favorite services. 

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