Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Butterflies and Flowers: The Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield CO

The Botanic Garden at Chatfield Colorado are a sight to see. From the country atmosphere to the many species of hummingbirds and butterflies visiting the garden. 
I had only visited the gardens in fall for the Corn Maze. It was kind of tradition to go every year with my friends, so visting during the summer was very different. 
A new attraction was announced for the gardens this year, a butterfly house. At the butterfly house, native species of butterflies would be presented to the garden and have an area of their own until September. 
It was a nice day when I went to the garden, and the butterflies were very beautiful. It's a quaint green house at the front of the garden with a fountain and lots of flowers native to Colorado. 
Right next to the fountain at the entrance, they had a section for the cocoons of butteflies who hadn't hatched yet, and a worker monitored the area, letting the hatched butterflies go to explore the garden. 
The day I visited the garden, a Monarch butterfly was released to the garden, and it was fascinating to watch the butterfly adapt to its environment. 
After the butterfly house, I walked around the outer garden, and I found their hiking trails. 
The hiking trails go araound the garden, which is divided into different themed sections that can be rented for special ocassions. 
They had a wedding area: 
A few nice bridges: 

And many themed gardens, including a medical herb garden: 
The Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield are a very nice place to visit during the summer. 

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