Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Butterfly Palace

I found a brochure about The Butterfly Palace during our long drive to Arkansas. It looked amazing, so Mom and I planned a day to go there. 

When we arrived, they were releasing freshly hatched butterflies, and Mom and I got to release two new butterflies! 
Mom's butterfly had transparent wings!
Mine had yellow and black wings. 
There were more blue butterflies here than the two pavilions I visited in Colorado. 
They were stil difficult to photograph though . . .
There were many butterflies.

And the pavilion itself was beautiful. 
They had a waterfall.
Some beautiful butterfly chairs. 
And a musician performed on a harpsichord as we walked around

This butterfly was my favorite!

Butterfly feeders were everywhere!

And I finally got a picture of a Morph butterfly! It landed on me too :)

Aside from butterflies, the Butterfly Palace had other actractions, like the Rain forest exhibit where we met a Chinese Water Dragon named Betty. 

They had a pink bellied turtle from China. 

The Mexican Walking fish. 

And Poison Dart Frogs. 

There was a mirror maze, and this cool rope maze. 

You had to get past the fallen ruins . . .

to reach the water pond. 

 And this purple butterfly was at the exit. 

The Butterfly Palace in Branson Misouri was a really cool place. You could take as many pictures as you wanted, and the music in the butterfly area gave it a relaxing atmosphere. 
I recommend this place to anyone who loves butterflies. 

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