Monday, December 7, 2015

Festival of Fantasy: Magic Kingdom

Today I finally saw the parade I had been waiting for, ever since I saw the photos of the dragon float! It was worth the wait. 

First, the parade starts with Beauty and the Beast: 

Then, Cinderella and her prince. 

in a clever float . . . 

And of course Anna and Elsa: 

And Tiana and Naveen :)

The float for Tangled was amazing! 

And the Neverland float was cool!

With Tinkerbell at the end: 

Merida threw a grand party!

On her Scottish bagpipe float, with her three brothers causing trouble. 

But the best part of this parade was Sleeping Beauty's story . . .

Or, the battle between Prince Phillip and Maleficent! 

First, Phillip must face the thorns! 

Then face the dragon! 

And it's an incredible dragon! 

Then, the world of Fantasia . . .

And the classic Disney characters! 

And it ends with Mickey and Minnie. 

To finish the day, I watched one of my favorite shows: Dream Along with Mickey. 

It was so sweet . . . 

And I got to see Tiana and Naveen! 

They were lovely :) 

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