Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star Wars Week!

This week, Star Wars came to Walt Disney World, and I had to celebrate! 
My friend worked on this movie, and I'm so excited that she got to be a part of such an epic story! 
My day started with a trip to Disney Springs, where I do most of my blogging, and I had to wear my Star Wars flair. 

Starbucks celebrated the ocassion with three themed drinks. I tried them all through the course of the week: 
The Green Master Frappuchino was a green tea blend with matcha. It was pretty good. 
The DarkSide Frappuchino was a chocolate mixture- so it was probably my favorite except: 
The Strom Trooper Frappuchino had a drawing of a Storm Tropper on it. 

They played Star Wars Music all week! It was a nice break from the daily Christmas music that I heard every day at work. 

To celebrate the release, I went to the Launch Bay before work. It was my second time visiting, but I was on a mission. I needed to see a certain Wookie . . . 

He liked my dress and got very excited when I told him it was in honor of his best pal Han Solo. He also liked my BB8 cup. 

The Star Wars Launch Bay itself is pretty cool. There are displays from all the movies: 

And you may run into a few familiar faces . . .

Watch out for the Storm Troopers. They'll stop you in your tracks . . .

The Jawas will also try to steal you away. 

There are young Jedi everywhere . . . 
And some are even brave enough to fight the Dark Side. 

You can build your own droid: here's mine D2M2

You can build your own space ship too. 
Here are some of my favorite picks for merchandise: 

To finish my week, I finally saw the movie, I was blown away! 

I also encountered the Dark Side on my way out. 

All in all, I believe that the force was strong with my adventure, and it will be with yours too! 

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