Thursday, May 29, 2014

"A frog in a well." U-mal-an kae-gu-ri

There's an Asian story about a frog that is similar to Plato's cave story. It was mentioned in my guidebook when I arrived, and it's stuck with me through today.
The story itself is about a frog, living in a well, and a turtle who lives in the ocean. The frog is fairly content with his well, but the turtle tries to persuade him to get out, talking about the wonders of the ocean, but the frog never leaves, and is determined to believe that the well is the best place for him.
So there's a saying here: don't be a frog in a well. In other words: don't miss an opportunity. I think this applies to my current state, because I finally came through in my opportunity, but I want to continue this mindset in the future.
So here I am, in my own well, surrounded by what I brought from home, and the ocean lies just outside the door. New people to meet. New places to see, and a new opportunity to discover what I can do. It's all a little scary, exciting and overwhelming. But I'm determined to be a turtle instead of a frog. So here we go. The first step. The first day. The first chance to explore. ^_^

우물 안의 개구리는 되지 않도록 많은 경험을 하고 싶어요. 

 So I don’t become a frog in a well, I want to have many experiences.

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