Sunday, May 31, 2015

Off the Grid and the Walt Disney Family Museum

Today I was invited to a cool event in front of the Walt Disney Family Museum with my friend Becca and her co-workers. It was a food based festival where booths and trucks were set up around the field in front of the Walt Disney Family Museum. 
The food was from around the world. They even had Shwarma :). 
There were many ice cream and popsicle stands, and some trucks had Indian food, Vietamese food and Barbeque!
I finally tried Creme brûlée. It was delicious. 
After we ate, and chatted about movies on the grass, we headed to the Walt Disney Family Museum.
I read a book called How to Be Like Walt a while ago, which I bought at this museum, and it was so inspirational. Walt Disney had many challenges, financial, professional and even emotional, but his optimisim got him through everything. It's what makes Mickey Mouse. 
One of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney at the museum is, "If you live right, things happen right." 
My favorite exhibit was the Disneyland one. It had a minature version of the park:
Including the castle: 
And Space Mountain: 
They even had a poster for the New York World's Fair featured in Tomorrowland. 
I met some really cool people, ate good food and was once again inspired. 
All in all, a great day ^_^

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