Sunday, July 5, 2015

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Today was a trip back in time, to the days of Kings, Queens and Knights. 
The Colorado Renaissance Festival is a feast for the imagination, and you never know who you will meet. 
For example, I found Cinderella and Prince Kit when I arrived. They were so kind :)
There was also a fairy playing music,
and a fairy in a magic circle! 
I also found a whole group of royals! They were all lovely.
Including the rulers of Atlantis! 
I glimpsed Gandolph running from the rain. 
And the Big Bad Wolf with Red Riding Hood.
They have amazing live entertainment! 
From fire-breathers
to fire jugglers
to acrobatics
the Renaissance Festival is an entertaining venture. 
But, it's not the Renaissance Fair without jousting
or sword fighting.

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