Friday, May 15, 2015

A Teacher's Day Surprise

Yesterday, my boss took all the teachers out for lunch at a cool cafe away in the mountains. It was a very scenic place, with a little bridge and really cool looking tables set up outside. 
It also had a fountain in front of the tables:
The indoor area was really rustic and nice. They had big sofas and tables. 

We ate some Korean dishes that I had never tried before, including a snail dish with noodles that wasn't too bad. They also served traditional Dunkas and Bibimbap that was delicious. 
But that was just lunch. We headed somewhere else for desert. 
This charming bread factory had a nice view, and the garden gave the area a traditional and European atmosphere. It was really nice! 
I loved the vintage displays, especially the tea cups, and I had to do a Belle photo op

The bakery inside was really cool, and you could watch them bake the bread, cakes and tarts. 
The inside was an interesting mix of modern and vintage styles: 
All in all, it was a great start to a Friday, and my first ever Teacher's Day.  

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