Saturday, May 2, 2015

Seoul Friendship Fair- City Hall

Today was a mini vacation and a cool buffet! 
The Seoul Friedndship Fair took place outside City Hall and it had many booths with food and crafts from all over the world! 
A giant stage was setup, facing a big green field, with a globe to mark the entrance. 
Tents were lined up, each representing a different country. The entrance to the festival started with a craft area, where tents, photo spots and traditionally dressed people walked around. 
Vietnam had a booth with beautiful shoes and dresses. 

This alligator was very welcoming for the Arab Emirates booth. 
The Kyrgyz Republic had a beautiful craft booth. 
The French booth didn't have any crafts, but they were advertising Petite France and The Little Prince :)
They had cute decorations close to the booths. 

The Library was having a huge book sale! I managed to resist the call. 
This little Elephant was outside the Lego booth where people were building Lego projects. 

We were looking for the food, and we finally found it across the grassy field. 

More tents! 
We had some food from Bangladesh, and then we food the food booth for India, and we had delicious Curry and Nan bread with Mango juice! 
We also found the French food both, and had Nutella Bana Grapes with a delicious French Cider. 
I even found Hibiscus juice! 
It was a fun festival and there was a little more to do. 
The charity event was a game where you tried to throw the coins into the bowl in the center of a sea of coins! I almost made it. The coin hit the rim :(
And the kids were playing with plastic bread. 
There was a nice walkway nearby with a pretty view. 

The Friendship Festival was a sucess, and we got there before the crowds increased. 
All in all a great day ^_^


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