Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Hello Kitty Cafe

I saw this cafe at a different location, but it closed down before I could visit :( About four months later, my friend found it again, and I was so excited!
In Jeju, there was a place called Hello Kitty Island. I didn't go, but one of the fellow travelers at the hostel did, and she said it was really cute, and there are lots of opportunities to take pictures. 
This was the same idea, but in cafe form. And it was a larger building, and newly decorated. 
The first thing you notice about this cafe, besides the giant red bow, is the pink.
Pink is everywhere!

Next you notice the giant Hello Kitty dolls 0_0

Then they have food in Hello Kitty shapes, and Hello Kitty cups ^_^

They even do detailed Lattes!
Right next door is a gift shop. 
My favorites were the Hanbok Hello Kitties. 
There was a lot of Hello Kitty goodies from cameras to socks to 1,000 dollar music boxes. There was also a giant Hello Kitty doll, but due to the pink, the pictures I took came out really weird. 
It was hot, so I ordered a frozen yougurt with strawberry topping!
It came in this cute cup ^_^
All in all the cafe visit was a success, and I'm really glad my friend found this place again. 

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