Thursday, May 28, 2015


As my last day here approaches, I'm in a cloud of nostalgia. 
I've learned a lot during my experience here in Chuncheon. 
I've accepted some of my flaws, and broadened my perspective. 
Maybe I'm just a bit braver with all the adventures I have had while living away from home and managing my own life. 
I still have a lot to learn, but looking back, I can honestly say that I will leave here with new perspective. 
One thing I told myself when I left for South Korea, was that I would never forget who I am. 
I haven't forgotten. 
I have some good memories of places and people.
I faced three really big fears. 
I shared ideas with people all over the world. 
I saw some beautiful sights: mountains, temples, parks and islands. 
I learned more about myself. My strengths and weaknesses. 
I took some risks. 
I visited places on my bucket list. 
I started a new story. 
I made some difficult decisions.
I met so many amazing people from all walks of life: travelers, wanderers, explorers, artists, teachers, students and survivors. 
I'm grateful for this experience: the good and the bad. 
As Kingdom Hearts says: "There are many worlds, but they share the same sky. One sky, one destiny." 
Some of these people I will see again, and some I may never see again. 
But every encounter is a precious moment, and I will never forget the people that I have met on this journey. 
Of course, it's not over yet, and life can surprise you, but for now, as I move to a new chapter, I will treasure these memories, and take comfort that my story has been connected to many others. 

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